Since 1988 El Caballo de España has presented The Spanish Horse and it’s fascinating history of classical equitation and culture.

Peter Maddison-Greenwell and co-founder Danielle Lawniczak have dedicated their lives to their horses and the promotion of this breed.

El Caballo de España

El Caballo de España has a long established reputation for schooling horses whether they be Spanish, Lusitano or any other breed.

Peter Maddison-Greenwell is an International Dressage Trainer running clinics and giving Lecture Demonstrations, Lectures and performances all over the UK, as well as Ireland, USA, Germany, Dubai and Spain.

Their passion, experience and knowledge has been well documented in articles and books, demonstrating the high regard in which they are held world wide.

El Caballo de España has produced and performed in thousands of shows and exhibitions for both the general public and corporate business at the most prestigious venues and events. Contact direct to book us.