Since 1988 El Caballo de España has presented The Spanish Horse and it’s fascinating history of classical equitation

and culture.

Peter Maddison-Greenwell and co-founder Danielle Lawniczak have dedicated their lives to their horses and the promotion of this breed.

Their passion, experience and knowledge has been well documented in articles and books, demonstrating the high regard in which they are held world wide.

El Caballo de España has produced over two thousand shows and exhibitions for both the general public and corporate business at the most prestigious venues and events.

El Caballo de España has worked with a great number of blue chip companies:

San Miguel, Seat Cars, Compaq Computers, to name but a few.

El Caballo de España were the first to developed the new genre of equestrian theatre here in the UK.  Until we used the term "Equestrian Theatre" it had not been seen elsewhere.

El Caballo de España went on to produce shows in the name of The First Equestrian Theatre widening the spectrum of shows where music and dance blend together with spectacular horsemanship. Enlightening and entertaining the audience with great horsemanship and spectacular horses.

These shows have been performed to capacity audiences at venues such as: Wembley, NEC, Alexander Palace, Camden the Roundhouse and many of the well-known equestrian centers and arena venues throughout the UK.                                

Peter’s work in this area is well respected in the industry and he has been asked to collaborate and train horses and riders for shows internationally.

El Caballo de España

El Caballo de España can be commissioned to produce shows and displays of any event.

Peter is available to create a complete spectacular or to produce a special choreographed piece for you event.

Peters own knowledge and ability to train riders and horses for all historical, traditioal or competitive dressage give him the eye for detail to see the show has credibilty and entertainment from a position of good welfare and care for the horses.

Contact Peter and discuss the multitude        of possiblities for your event.


.... A show of class and beauty