Peter Maddison-Greenwell

International Dressage trainer and Founder of El Caballo de EspaƱa, has successfully trained many horses of his own and clients. He has taught in USA, Germany, Dubai and Spain as well as holding regular clinics throughout England. He is considered a leading authority on classical riding and the Spanish Horse and has helped many competitive riders succeed.

He and his partner Danielle will be bringing to Bolsover Castle in 2017 a new show with  new horses. From Tradition to Today, demostrating and explaining the dressage of The Duke of Newcastle up to today.

Working alongside the spectacular Spanish Stallion Alamilo will be two new Stallions, Invasor and Americano.

These Bocador Spanish Stallions are from the bloodlines originating in the 16th Century. It was Diego Lopez, horsemaster to King Phillip II of Spain who is credited with the creation of the Bocado Spanish Horse.

Over the 16th and 17th Century, Habsburg Spain, as it was referred to then was ruled by Kings from the House of Habsburg as was much of Europe including of course Austria.

Invasor and Americano were both bred by Henriette Boissevain with the help and advise of her horsemaster John Scott-Leith. After her sad passing the stud was passed on to her cousins, the same Habsburg family that supported the Riding School of Vienna from the 16th Century.

Horses like these were sent by King Phillip II to Karst in Trieste and were a major contribution to the  foundation of the famous Lippizana of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna.

Horses at Bolsover

In the only displays of their kind to be seen regularly in this country, horses return to Bolsover Castle for these breathtaking displays.

Unique Displays

Performances every weekend from April to the end of September (excluding some event weekends).

Visitors will witness breathtaking displays of the advanced dressage training techniques introduced to England in the 17th Century by William Cavendish.

(copy from English Heritage website)