The Royal Horses of England   


Through words, music, humour and horsemanship this unique production comes to life

The First Equestrian Theatre

Founded in 1994 with the new concept

of telling captivating stories of

history through theatre

and horsemanship, in its true sense.

It was at this very show at

Camden the Roundhouse,  we not

only met such famous people as

Princess Margeret but also

John Scott-Leith, a highly successfull

international businessman.

He has not only been a fountain of

knowledge on the history of the horse

and horsemanship

but the most knowlegeable on

the Spanish Horse.

Over the 30 years he has become

a dear friend, a supporter and a

valuable contributer and collaborater.


This years new show is expanding our

success from 2023 by bringing you even

more history, now about England and Spain

who have had a history that is so closely

intwinded, not just through our battles with each

other but our connections through the

marriages of our Royal families and of course our

wonderful horses.

In this new theatrical performaence,

you will see beautiful horses step out of the

pages of history as the stories unfold,

showcasing both England and Spains

past through this ancient art form.

Words from

the show

.“To interest our esteemed audience, living

history is being ridden before you, both the

grey stallions, Invasor and Americano were

breed by Baroness Henrietta Bentinck the

first duchess of Northampton, whose ancestor

William Cavendish rode the very same

bloodlines in his riding house in the

17th century. The riding house at

Bolsover Castle, was built by The Duke Newcastle

for his equestrian masquerades which he

and Benjamin Jonson created for Charles I,

who with his royal entourage would travel

five days from London to be entertained.”


The Royal Horses of England & Spain is another production from The First Equestrian Theatre Limited, truly the first of it kind in the United Kingdom.

Launched in 1994 with its production of The Legend of Spain at Camden the Roundhouse, London

We are dedicated to the art of classical and historical horsemanship, recreating the culture of equesrian theatre in a way no others do. Our shows bring drama, romance and humour, drawing the  audiences into the stories, feeling emotionally involved with the closeness  of the horses and performances.


created and produced by

Peter Maddison-Greenwell in

collaboration with John Scott-Leith

The Venues

Bolsover Castle & Pickering Grange with others to follow shortly

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