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We treasure with great pride what our clients think of us. Whether it is our show, our courses or our clinics. Over the manys year we have had reviews, articles, photographs and even paintings inspired by our work and in particular our horses.

Thank you everyone who has contributed over the many years. See below our list of reconition.

About Peter:

About Peter Maddison-Greenwell. Founder of El Caballo de España and The First Equestrian Theatre, Teacher, Trainer, Judge and Author.

You will seldom find a more knowledgeable teacher with such passion for the history of horsemanship.

Peter is a true follower of the teachers of our past from whence today's dressage originated.

Very few today have this much experience, versatility and credibility. Teaching internationally for over twenty-five years. More than sixty clinics in America, Germany, Spain and the Middle East, coaching competitive riders taking them from novice to Grand Prix and helping world-class riders in historical reconstruction.

Peter has trained many horses. He has performed before Royalty and Sheiks alike.  Since the formation of El Caballo de España in 1988 he has entertained at the biggest horse shows in the UK as well as many of the country's well known venues.

He has been invited to ride at the famous arena at Carmona in Spain as well as in front of world celebrities at the Dubai Film Festival.

The list of Peter's accomplishments goes on: Collaborator and performer of “Cavendishes' Horses” at the iconic Bolsover Castle. Creator of the very first “Equestrian Theatre” in England in 1994 and has continued to produce shows for such companies as San Miguel, Iberia Airlines, Compaq computers, Seat Cars and Hoechst Pharmaceuticals.

His book “Living and Working with the Horse of Spain”, has given him further international credibility and recognition, being published in England, America and of course Spain itself.

Peter started Raphael for me earlier this year & I am absolutely thrilled with him. The sympathetic, consistent & structured start both from the ground & under saddle are no doubt the foundations for great things.

— Rachael Coles

My first knowledge of Peter Maddison-Greenwell was when I read and enjoyed his book “Living and Working With The Horse Of Spain”. Little did I know that years later I would find myself travelling from Scotland to Northants on a regular basis, several times a year, to train with Peter and Danielle.

Covert Farm is a secure, calm oasis of learning. The stable yard has a happy friendly atmosphere, is well organised but flexible in approach. 

— Elizabeth Forsyth

Through Peter’s teaching I have been able to learn the authentic and methodical way to ride and train horses. His philosophy of good self- discipline and astute horsemanship together with a meticulous attention to detail has enabled me to develop life-long skills. I will always remain sincerely thankful.

— Lorri Ould

Over many years Peter has helped me with several horses from novice too advanced. From excellent basic work to form the foundation of the later movements, to finessing the more advanced work to make it the best we can be. True Classical horsemanship, taught with a deep understanding of the art, explained in clear, concise and relevant terms to suit each individual horse and rider.

— Michelle Enoch

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