Spanish Traditional Equitation

El Caballo de España has performed the traditional equitation of Spain for over thirty years.

Having trained and performed with six of the horses of El Caballo de España in Doma Vaquera

and Garrocha. We believe Peter is the most experienced trainer in this field in the UK today. He has

also trained numerous horses of El Caballo de España and for their clients for the whole range of

Tradition Equitation: Doma Vaquera, Alta Escuela, Reindas Largas and Garrocha.

Doma Vaquera  -  Alta Escuela  -  Reindas Largas  -  Garrocha  -  Work in Hand

La Garrocha

Traditionally the Garrocha would be used out in the country to control the stock.

The way the Garrocha is used has developed from the early use of the lance in war. Peter has

been one the few "garrochistas" who can not only produce horses, well able to go to work

in the true sense but Peter has gone on to develope and demonstrate the use of the garrocha,

expanding the artform to incorporate movements of Alta Esquesla into his exhibitions.


Alta Escuela

The term Alta Escuela means High School. This is the higher levels of classical equitation

in Spain and would typically be seen at The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art.

However, Alta Escuela is also the name of the sport in Spain being only some fifteen years old.

Like the sport of dressage, which internationally became accepted at the Olympics in 1905, Alta Escuela

has grown out of the Art of Classical dressage of Europe as practiced since the Baroque Era.


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