Danielle and Shiatsu

Danielle's work is based on years of experience, riding horses at a

high level as well as treating both the human and equine.

Danielle treating one of our stallions

Shiatsu is a hands on complementary therapy that has its roots in Japan

and is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory.  

Shiatsu literally means finger pressure and a treatment will usually involve stretches, joint rotations, massage techniques, and finger pressure on points along a believed meridian system that runs throughout the body.

The benefits of having Shiatsu:

Aids relaxation

Aids sleep

Increased mobility

Relieves tension

·     Has also been shown to reduce the need for pain medication.

The Shiatsu practitioner will have done four years training and be

registered with a professional body.

Danielle is registered with the Shiatsu Society UK and with

the equine shiatsu society (tESA)

*Owners of horses should seek their Vets approval before a treatment.

For more information visit:

     Shiatsu Society UK

     Shiatsu Health point

     tESA UK



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