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About Club Caballo

This is a membership club founded by Peter Maddison-Greenwell and Danielle Lawniczak, directors and co-founders of El Caballo de España,

A group with an interest in all that is classical about dressage. From its very origins in history to today's classical interpretations, including dressage as competition.

The roots of dressage are steeped in history from the training of horses for battle through the classical work of the great masters, from Xenophon though to today.These include such as: Pluvinel, Newcastle, Baucher, Oliviera and many more.

We have created a group for people with a genuine interest in Classical Dressage, not just as a pure art but as a practical journey to produce confident, competent riders with a true thirst for knowledge.

As a group with passion and love for your horses, we wish to help you with the best of training, with kindness and good welfare at its very roots

We will be releasing these videos on a monthly basis followed days later by Webinar sessions with Peter. He will discuss the work in the videos and invite you to a Q & A session.

There will also be available archived videos of our work and more educational videos to follow from Peter and World-Class experts in their own fields: Work in Hand, Garrocha, Battle Training, Work with Weapons. The Seat, Way of Going, It's All in the Presentation, Common Errors and many other subjects.

To find out more about Peter, Danielle and El Caballo de España go to:

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