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Peter Maddison-Greenwell

Ambassador for Animalife

I am proud to announce that I am now "Ambassador" for Animalife.

Animalife, the creators of Vetrofen and Vetroflex offer a premium range of equine supplements that have been specifically formulated by leading nutritionists from around the world and contain the optimal amounts of essential components required to support the equine’s body. Each formulation has been designed using natural, bioavailable ingredients to ensure maximum digestibility for efficient equestrian nutrition.

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We have been using Vetroflex and Vetrofen on our PRE Stallion Ciro with great results. We brought him back slowly from hind suspensory ligament problems. It took some time and we were not promised a total recovery at 16. Just when he was getting his Piaffes and Passages.

Now with the success of his treatment, a steady recovery and rehabilitation through progressive dressage we put him back into shows.

We were recommended this product and he has grown from strength to strength and performing frequently at Bolsover Castle as The Mount of The Duke of Newcastle.

We are so pleased we have decided to put Alamillo on this as well. Alamillo is the same age, now 18. We think with more collection and weight carrying behind with the higher level of movements expected this will help our horses enjoy their work for longer.

Here is Alamillo at 21 performing

at Bolsover Castle. Thank you Animalife

for asking me to be Ambassador.